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In grade 1, at the age of five, I made a world of words. It was the back wall of my grandmother’s house in coastal Durban, South Africa. A shoeless, charcoal-wielding professor, I taught my grass students everything I’d learned at school day after day. I would use a piece of charcoal to write notes on the wall which in this world, served as a luxurious chalkboard. Grandma thought I’d choose a career in teaching. I didn’t, not in a conventional way anyway. Still, the writing’s on the wall.

About this blog

This blog is a reflection of the realities of South Africa’s education system. For most, these are harsh. They entail going to school without food or shoes, crossing river streams after the heaviest floods and arriving for a school day muddy, exhausted, weak, without the motivation to learn. This platform seeks to document these very challenges, not to state the obvious or engage in laborious complaints, but to appeal to those who have the means and access, to step forward and do the little they can to change the lives of our nation’s youth for the better – one child at a time, one parent at a time.

With our country’s terrible past, it’s not just the young who have been underprivileged, there are adults who were denied the opportunity to learn and thus to be progressive. As our democracy grows, so does our realisation of just how much we’ve missed. This is a place to share that, for ‘one is never too old to learn’.

Minds Arise shares information on the latest developments on the education/learning front, in and out of school, on and offline, for young and old, in South Africa and beyond. Philanthropy is a hard act to follow but reading empowers us to uplift ourselves and when uplifted, making positive change comes easy. We hope that as a reader visiting our blog, you can do your bit to join in the discussions and make a change in yours or others’ lives by sharing some of the information that makes up this blog as well as your own ideas, stories and advise.

“Minds arise and blossom through lifetimes under the spring of knowledge.” – Magnetic Scribe


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